Actividades no Hot Club de 7 a 11 de Novembro 2017

Hot Clube – Praça da Alegria 48

Dia 7 de Novembro

Jam session com Luís Candeias

As jam session de 3ª feira contam com um músico convidado que lidera a sessão. Em Novembro teremos como convidado o baterista Luís Candeias.

A sessão começa às 22h30, com um set do grupo residente, passando depois para jam aberta aos músicos que queiram participar. Entrada livre.

Dia 8 de Novembro

Noites de Combo – a música de Benny Golson

Combo da Escola de Jazz Luiz Villas-Boas / HCP.

João Machado – saxofone alto; André Lourenço – saxofone tenor; Rainer Jaeger – guitarra; José Cavaco – piano; Alexandre Figueiredo – contrabaixo; Pedro Gonçalves – bateria

Concerto a partir das 22h30, passando depois para jam aberta aos músicos que queiram participar. Entrada livre.

Dias 9 e 10 de Novembro


Michael Arbenz – piano; Thomas Lähns – contrabaixo; Florian Arbenz – bateria

“One of Europe’s most exciting ensembles”, according to John Fordham, of The Guardian, over the past decade the Basel-based VEIN Trio has established an enviable reputation among jazz audiences for both stylistic diversity and technical accomplishment, blending the complexity of European classical chamber music with the thrills and energy of jazz improvisation at its most sophisticated. All three players are classically trained, and musical leadership is equally shared, creating a fluid, cosmopolitan sound.

The group has released an album nearly every year since its formation and gained recognition for long-term collaborations with star veteran soloists including trombonist Glenn Ferris and saxophonists Greg Osby, Dave Liebman and Andy Sheppard. VEIN’s music is composed by all three members of the trio. Originals are balanced with adaptations of both the classical and jazz traditions, such as the acclaimed album VEIN Plays Ravel (2017).

Since VEIN was founded, the trio has regularly joined forces with guest musicians in horizon-expanding and ground breaking projects.

They have now come together again, forming an equally exciting and unconventional quartet with Rick Margitza, the great saxophonist with whom VEIN have been performing since many years.

This is the meeting point for four musicians who go way back, knowing precisely that they make a great musical match.

Just as the trio has created an almost symbiotic interplay – by bringing together its background, its stupendous musical togetherness and its concept of maximum equality for all members – it never fails to find an incredibly inspiring addition in Rick Margitza:

Margitza, with his distinctive and modern style that is always respectful of tradition, is one of the most important saxophonists of today’s jazz scene. He masterfully moves through the groove-heavy, lyrical, rhythmically and harmonically complex and open pieces and passages of the quartet’s repertoire, which mainly consists of their own compositions.

And last but not least, to his younger fellow musicians, Rick Margitza is the embodiment of a piece of jazz history: Since the 80s, he has been performing with all the jazz greats and that is precisely what he incorporates in his style and what has become a fundamental aspect for VEIN: the spirit of this music.

So this collaboration is based on the most mutual respect; another reason why this quartet works so well together.

Concerto a partir das 22h30 (2º set às 00h). 7,5 € para não sócios, entrada gratuita para sócios.

 Dia 11 de Novembro

Luís Figueiredo

Luís Figueiredo apresenta o cd “Kromos /Penélope”

Luís Figueiredo – piano, teclados, composição, com:

Rita Maria, João Neves – voz; João Moreira – trompete; Desidéreio Lázaro – saxofone; André Conde – trombone; Ajda Zupancic – cello; João Firmino – guitarra; Mário Franco – contrabaixo; Bruno Pedroso – bateria

Concerto a partir das 22h30 (2º set às 00h). 7,5 € para não sócios, entrada gratuita para sócios.

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