(1917 – 1982)




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Thelonious Sphere Monk (October 10, 1917 – February 17, 1982) was an American jazz pianist and composer. Monk had a unique improvisational style and made numerous contributions to the standard jazz repertoire, including “‘Round Midnight”, “Blue Monk”, “Straight, No Chaser” “Ruby, My Dear”, “In Walked Bud”, and “Well, You Needn’t”. Although this album is most widely known for its provocative cover image, which depicts Monk as a fictitious French Resistance fighter in the Second World War, it contains a number of new Monk compositions, some of which appear in recorded form only on this album. This is the last Monk album featuring the Thelonious Monk Quartet, and the last featuring Charlie Rouse (who appears on only half the tracks, having missed a recording session to attend his father’s funeral). (Taken from Wikipedia)

Tracklist: 01 – 00:00 – Thelonious 02 – 03:17 – Ugly Beauty 03 – 14:04 – Raise Four 04 – 21:06 – Boo Boo’s Birthday (Take 11) 05 – 27:04 – Easy Street 06 – 34:57 – Green Chimneys 07 – 48:09 – In Walked Bud 08 – 54:59 – Ugly Beauty (Take 4) 09 – 62:38 – Boo Boo’s Birthday (Take 2) 10 – 68:14 – Thelonious (Take 3)


Thelonious Monk – Piano

Charlie Rouse – Tenor Sax

Lary Gales – Bass

Ben Riley – Drums

Jon Hendricks – vocals on “In Walked Bud”


Producer: Teo Macero


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