Dear João,

There are as few as 400 Sumatran tigers left in Indonesia’s forests. Why? Because the beautiful forests that Sumatran tigers call home are being destroyed for palm oil production.

We can help protect the Sumatran tiger’s forest home. Cick here to sign the Tiger Manifesto.

Tigre de Sumatra

Palm oil is in many different products you probably use every day, from breakfast cereal to shampoo. And it can be produced without destroying forests.

You have a right to know if the products you use are linked to tiger extinction. We want the brands you love to live up to your standards. Sign the Tiger Manifesto.

We’re already making a difference. We had a major breakthrough in December when Wilmar, the world’s biggest palm oil company, committed to a No Deforestation policy, following months of pressure from Greenpeace supporters. Now we have to make sure Wilmar’s words on paper translate into actions on the ground and push other companies to follow Wilmar’s lead.

Sign up today and you’ll join a movement taking action to protect tiger homes. In the streets and online we will track down our favorite brands and demand protection of the Sumatran tiger’s remaining space on earth.

Click here to add your voice and together we will defend Indonesia’s forests with a mighty roar.


Bustar MaitarBustar Maitar
Forest Campaigner
Greenpeace Indonesia

P.S. The forests here in Indonesia are a beautiful paradise that deserve protection. When you sign the Tiger Manifesto, you’re speaking out on behalf of the people and wildlife whose lives are being uprooted. Together we can protect paradise, click here to sign the Tiger Manifesto.

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