Actividades no Hot Clube de 14 a 18 de Maio 2019

Hot Clube – Praça da Alegria 48

Dia 14 de Maio


As jam session de 3ª feira contam com um músico convidado que lidera a sessão.
Este mês teremos como convidado o baterista Nemanja Delic.

A sessão começa às 22h30, com um set do grupo residente, passando depois para jam aberta aos músicos que queiram participar.
Entrada livre.

Dia 15 de Maio


Concerto integrado na serie “Newcomers”, a partir das 22h30 (2º set às 00h). 5€ para não sócios, entrada gratuita para sócios.

Vasco Pimentel – piano; Rodrigo Correia – contrabaixo; Diogo Alexandre – bateria

Dia 16 de Maio


Apresentação do CD “The Wake of An Artist” Tribute to Bernardo Sassetti“. Concerto a partir das 22h30 (2º set às 00h). 10€ para não sócios, entrada gratuita para sócios.

Alberto Conde – piano; Carlos Barretto – contrabaixo; Alexandre Frazão – bateria

Concerto de apresentação de “The Wake of an Artist” (Clean Feed, 2019), álbum de tributo a Bernardo Sassetti do pianista e compositor galego Alberto Conde com Carlos Barretto e Alexandre Frazão, antigos membros do Bernardo Sassetti Trio. No alinhamento estarão temas do próprio Sassetti como “O Sonho dos Outros”, “Reflexos” e “Noite – Alice”, uma composição de Federico Mompou (“Musica Callada”) habitualmente tocada pelo músico português, peças de Conde e Pablo Beltrán inspiradas no homenageado e ainda “Monkssetti”, um retrato das influências deixadas em ambos por Thelonious Monk.

Liner notes de Rui Eduardo Paes para “The Wake of an Artist – Tribute to Bernardo Sassetti”:

«Artists like Bernardo Sassetti and Alberto Conde are unique in the world. Their creations reflect their personalities and life experiences and are what we perceive because of that and nothing else. More so when the art object itself is so indiosyncratic, so personal in its inner characteristics, that you see, or hear, not only the painting or the composition but the people who created it – you can’t dissociate one from the other. No artist can use the shoes of another when, I insist, they’re like Bernardo Sassetti and Alberto Conde. This last one felt the need, as if his own music demanded it, to pay tribute to the late Portuguese composer and pianist, because he admired him at a distance, the one between Lisbon, Sassetti’s hometown, and Vigo, Galicia (Spain), where Conde lives – Alberto saw him playing once, in a concert, and introduced himself to his pair from the other side of the border, but the reverse didn’t happen and, most probably, Sassetti never heard a recording from Conde. There was, anyhow, a kind of spiritual identification: the poetic sensibility, the respect for the tradition and the will to make things out of the box is what they had, and have – as you can testify now –, in common.

Alberto Conde is not the “Spanish Bernardo Sassetti”, and with this hommage he doesn’t want to make that statement – it would be absurd. What we find in his interpretations of Sassetti’s songs and in the pieces he wrote under his spell – with the support of Carlos Barretto and Alexandre Frazão, members of the Bernardo Sassetti Trio, the first being the responsable of the transcription of Mompou’s “Musica Callada”, a Sassetti’s leitmotiv – is something else: it says «I got you, and here it is how I understand and feel it». Listening to the way Alberto Conde play “O Sonho dos Outros” and “Noite – Alice” I only can think that they would be good friends if their roads crossed more often, recognizing in each other some of the same human qualities. There’s tenderness here, much like the one Sassetti transmitted us, and there’s also a similar way to react to the vibrations of the world. That “Sassetti’s mood” was also felt by José Valente, who contributes with a fundamental piece for the final outcome of the CD, “Embalo para Bernardo”, and Pablo Beltrán, the author of “The Wake of an Artist”, who never met him but studied his writing style with a magnifying glass. In the middle of all this, Barretto and Frazão were the keepers of the original trio spirit, at the same time very conscious that they were inhabiting the sound and emotional worlds of somebody else than his former companion.

For my part, I can only feel privileged to have met, and socialize with, both Alberto and Bernardo. The little contribution I gave to the realization of this project has a huge significance for me. Thank you Alberto, and thank you Bernardo, for such lovely music…»

Dias 17 e 18 de Maio


Concerto a partir das 22h30 (2º set às 00h). 10€ para não sócios, entrada gratuita para sócios.

Hery Paz – saxofone tenor; Javier Moreno – contrabaixo; Marcos Cavaleiro – bateria

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