Javier, my Weñe (Autobiography) – 3 -– por Raúl Iturra

2.- A query; at the beginning, these Weñe, talking about Mapuche and to be explained our Chilean past, was a

surprises’ for me and May, Our parents knew little about, they felt unable to say most. Abuelo had lived with and amongst people of the Mapuche Nation, specifically with Picunche clan of the Mapuche and had written a good number of books on the psychoanalysis he had done to adults and their children, as well with the ethnic group Aimara along many years. I’m proud to say, as his grandchild, that more than 60 books were the result of his research, books that we will read at a later age, when we be able to understand the result of his queries. What queries? The most important point he wanted to know, was how people made people and their education.


To his surprise, he found out that men used to live with men at the house prepared for this aim. What happened inside those places, Abuelo never wanted to tell us. He used to say wait and see, the day will become when yourselves find out on their own bodies, what adult men do for working. Each of them have up to seven women, in different houses, all of them their wives and a good number of children to make the earth to produce vegetables to be consumed or sold in the market place for cash to. Their pieces of land were very large and a family needed a good number of laborers to take care of the parcels, the water to irrigate the soil and of the necessary number of animals to till the land. I was surprise, how a man can love so many women as Father loves Mum? If I did not trust Abuelo, I might think he was pooling my leg.


Mum had had the same experience when she was a little girl and used to go with him to the places where Abuelo used to conduct his experiences. She was little at the time, as I am now. He was always surrounded by children who confided him and would never tell what Abuelo and theme knew, especially as he had asked to be quiet about their experiences of life. They agreed with him and May and I had to grow up to listen and to read his books. Once May and I read his texts, we had to rush to Mum and Dad and ask what truth there were in Abuelo’s writings. As they knew little on the topic, they said the best source of information was the old man. And, we went to him. The main book was Abuelo, and may be that the orientation for us, later in life, would like to analyze the mind of the others, as it had been too for Mum and Aunt.


Lelo says that we are a family group who enjoys making others to understand life and nature. Like Mum. She used to live in Cairú, an archipelago facing main land at San Salvador da Baia, Brasil, to teach local population how to reproduce nature, and the disappearance of Fauna and Flora, or in Thailand and other places of the world: Antilles, Ecuador, parts of Switzerland and Italy, as her Dad: she did what they call fieldwork, working and living with the people whom were taught how to reproduce species in extinction, necessary for the continuation of the world and its wonders. Of all of her adventures, the island of Cairú was the most adventurous: no radio, no electrical power, no other communication with main land, that a boat named kayak, where only one person was able to side in and roaring with one pole, to arrive to the aim

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