Javier, my Weñe (Autobiography) –8- por Raúl Iturra








Pewnen, sagrado Pewen, Mapuch award winning song ….link to the video of the award winning song, Contitución 2000




As one can see, this is an ancient photo of a mapuche homestead. Mapuche homestead are different now and that is their fight for freedom A new Mapuche house and one of the reasons for their fight.


 Abuelo says that when the Spaniards invaded Chile, they met a savage group of people who fought for their freedom, their independent lives, the ownership of their land and for the right of govern their own lives. There were many meetings amongst the Ayllu and the Sapnish warriors and invaders. None had a result. The Mapuche withdrew into their woods and attacked huincas whenever, with no warnings, by means of a fight called Malon, when people in large groups, turned up with the aim of killing huincas with their harpoons , , lances or spears and arrows, torches to burn the huinca villages, with no success. Mapuche people feared this people with four legs which knew to run very fast, two heads and another two legs which they used to put at rest the other four. They knew nothing of horses, that was the strange animal they saw and feared as if their gods would have sent an strange bird that, above all, spitted fire with and artifact unknown to them.XXX They feared this people and were always running away into the large, dark and wet woods.


However there appeared the son of a lonco, Lautaro, extremely clever and pretended not to be fearful, establishing a friendship with a soldier. Pedro de Valdivia was astonished with the strength and fearless of the lad, about 14 years of age and adopted him as his servant, baptized as Filipe and worked for him and his Companion, Inés de Suárez, for as long as some six years. . He portended to be a very faithful servant and Christian, especially with the founder of Santiago, his Master Pedro de Valdivia.



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