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O patenteamento de plantas e animais provenientes de métodos de criação convencionais é um problema de primeira grandeza, para a economia e o país em geral. Os pequenos e médios criadores e agricultores poderão vir a ser gravemente afectados por ele. Estranha-se a pouca atenção que tem merecido entre nós.

Pede-se atenção para a carta seguinte, que lamentamos não ter podido traduzir, mas que julgamos de fácil compreensão:

Dear Supporters of the No Patents on Seeds Campaign

Once more we are writing to you to ask for your support! In the meantime, we handed over 70.000 signatures to the President of the European Parliament on 11 September 2012. Our next move will be on the European Patent Office (EPO).

The EPO has officially started its process at the Enlarged Board of Appeal to reconsider the patentability of plants and animals derived from conventional breeding. The deadline for comments is the 30 November 2012 (

We would like to invite you to a public demonstration on 30 November in Munich – see attached announcement from a broad coalition of farmers, environmental groups and others spearheading the call for mobilisation.

Further, we would like to draw your attention to the letter that can be sent to the EPO and the Enlarged Board of Appeal. It is more or less the same letter we sent to you some weeks ago – if you did not send it then, please feel free to do so now (or even send it twice….)

Looking forward to seeing you in Munich,

Christoph Then

coordinator of No Patents on Seeds!

This email is sent from:

no patents-on-seeds

Frohschammerstr. 14
München, 80807

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