Greenpeace exposed Shell’s dirty Arctic drilling plans in the most public way possible at the Formula 1 Shell Belgian Grand Prix! Join us now at


Arctic ice is melting faster than ever and polar bears are starving to death as their habitat disappears. Shell is leading the insane race to drill for the fuels that caused the melting in the first place, putting this uniquely vulnerable region in grave danger.

Shell was hoping to ride on the glory of the racing drivers and pretend it’s worthy of a spot on the podium. We took action to make sure the truth of Shell’s shady Arctic oil business gets out – and to stop them from getting away with it.

By sponsoring an event like Formula 1, known for its cutting edge engineering and innovation, Shell is hoping to draw attention away from its disaster-prone Arctic drilling program and total lack of experience operating in some of the most extreme conditions on Earth.

Our campaign to save the Arctic continues on land and at sea. Right now the Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise is being forced out of Russian Arctic waters by the Russian Coast Guard because they don’t want us bearing witness and taking action against the reckless oil companies racing to drill there. We are doing everything we can to make sure no oil spills pollute the pristine Arctic this year.

The race to protect the Arctic is on, and this is one we have to win – our future depends on it. But we can only succeed with millions on our side. Enjoy this priceless moment and share the video with all of your friends.


Ian Duff
Arctic Campaign
Greenpeace Canada

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