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McCoy Tyner – India [Remembering John] 1991 On this 1991 trio recording with Avery Sharpe (bass) and Aaron Scott (drums), McCoy Tyner draws on compositions from the John Coltrane catalogue. It is an enjoyable, coherent and well-paced set. Sharpe’s bass sounds full and centered, and Scott–with his splashy feel–recalls Elvin Jones (although the drums are recorded a bit too low in the mix). Tyner was the pianist in Coltrane’s pioneering quartet from 1960-65. In the 1970s, with producer Orrin Keepnews, he made a dozen albums. They showcased his powerhouse piano playing in different settings–solo, small group, big band, orchestral and choral. (One of those, “Echoes of a Friend,” a florid solo piano album, is also a remembrance of John Coltrane.) In the 1980s, Tyner continued to be an active performer and groupleader, known for his trademark, cascading piano sound. This effort is modest and tinged with nostalgia. Tyner’s playing is confident and adept, almost careful. At times it sounds like he trying to stay within the lines of the coloring book but, for the most part, the restraint is welcome. The Coltrane compositions still have the power to evoke an era. “India,” and “The Wise One” are given particularly successful readings, conveying deep yearning. Recorded at Clinton Studios, New York, New York on February 27 & 28, 1991.

Personnel: McCoy Tyner (piano); Avery Sharpe (bass instrument); Aaron Scott (drums).

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