Javier, my Weñe (Autobiography) – 4 – por Raúl Iturra

I’m appalled! What a heterogeneous family May and I have had. A group of scientific adventurers, conquerors, land owners, merchants and latter politicians, Armed Forces, lawyers, physicians, academics and other public activities such as Senators, Governors, Councillors, Ministers and Priests, amongst other activities. As Lelo used to say, the outmost preferred activity of the family on Mum’s side was to seduce and to be seduced. Our kindred were a heterogeneous mix of persons; no one knew who was the child or the brother of anybody else… Those who resulted of relations out of wedlock, used to take up the family name as its own. People who were the result of a ceremony, used to receive the inheritance of parents and grandparents.


The inheritance was the line to trace kindred line. Or so Lelo used to say…and our parents believed it or did not bother, as them did the same. Our Father was a gentleman, as Abuelo also used to be. He fell in love for Mum and talked to Mum’s Father, Lelo, for permission to court Mum and wed her in three months time in Cambridge Civil Registry. It was another daughter to be taken to the altar, so to speak. Parents were non believers, as Aunt Paula and uncle Cristan, who married in the morning by law and by Church at midday. May Malen wa the result of this passion and a year later, me. Lelo had done the same: Great-Grand Parents visited Abuela´s house, asked her to daughter to Marry Abuelo, Great-Grand Mum Amanda was all moved, said yes and offer us a big lunch in Santiago of Chile, at her large house.


Our Father did it from Spain by telephone; Mum was all moved, it had never happened to her. She was so much in love, which agreed with Mum to meet all in Chile and travel all over the Country, especially places where Abuelos had fallen for each other, or rather Lelo for Abuela: the Parish of Santa Maria of San Felipe, San Felipe´s town and the very, the exact place where Abuelo saw Abuela for the first time, the Square of San Felipe. Lelo was absolutely in love from that very day, however, it took three years for Abuela to fall from him….What a great story that of our parents and Abuelos’! Shall it be the sane for us, May Malen and me? Abuelo says that when love penetrate our feelings, it is very difficult to get rid of it….I shall love and will be loved same as parents and Grand-Parents’ and our romance will deserve a book to perpetuate our feelings for the whole world to know s much as eternality shall exist.


I am to little now, only one month. I transfer mi ideas to Abuelo for him to print for me. Dad is very busy, Mum has not time as she takes care of me and May, the shopping, to clean the house and of course, all the time she devotes to her big passion, her husband, my Father and the correspondence of affection to each other…. I feel jealous for their deep passion and the deep love they feel for us, with respect and a very well organized daily live…It’s good Abuela lives nearby and helps. If Lelo could be was here!, what a perfect group of kindred we would be! I have heard he is going to have and operation, he is not very well. But I am sure he is going to wait for me. I am his other grandson. Tomas arrived first, almost 12 years, Sis May and Cousin Maira Rose. We have nearly, the same name: He is Raul Angel; I am Javier, as mum in a masculine way, Max Raul. He shall wait for me, I´, more than sure in my 26 days…of age.

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