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Hey Guys!

Great promotion this weekend!
On the buy of my Hometown book, you get free shipping worldwide and…a free zine at your choice!
There is a list of the possible choices Tankwa Town (Frédéric Dorizon), Lucid Dream (Adrian Mirgos), Hometown (Alireza Malekian), Redemption (Fábio Miguel Roque) Éden Vol. I, III and III.
Just send me an email with the name of the zine you want for free.

I hope YOU like the idea!


Fábio Miguel Roque

72 pages

230 x 150 mm

Edition of 70, signed & numered

black & white digital print

With 60 images; 1 Poem; Text 1; and Several Quotes

All texts are fully handwritten.

15,00 € (with shipping worldwide)

“Hometown is a personal photographic project that comes from my interaction between my current situation and the space where I live, and that in some way, I am confined. Although having studied photography, and even have worked in the area, always on a part-time, photography was never, unfortunately, my main source of income. I always had to work in other areas to afford the costs of day-to-day and even to invest in photography, whether in formations or photographic material. Now I’m unemployed since August 24 that do not I exercise any type of work.

Hometown arises as a result of my firing, appears precisely when I was sure that would be out of work. The start of this project happened unconsciously, only with the passage of time, I began to realize what I was shooting, and so began the shaping of things.

Hometown is not exactly a visual diary of my current situation but it is more of a very distinct set of reflections, several reflections on my status of mind, frustrations, and goals. It is also a different way of looking at me, and look at the space where I live in.”

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