Javier, my Weñe (Autobiography) – 7 – por Raúl Iturra




It seems to me Weñe an May, that you have a good collection of tropical animals, able to support high altitude, were use as means of transportation and their skin were used as material such as ponchos, and worm and expensive coats, specially for the cold weather of Europe.


How about human beings? If we compare my image with a mapuche boy, we can appreciate various differences:  or I am sure that Weñe and May Malen will appreciate the flowery vestments of the family, the flower called copihue, an ornament for women, same as the colorful feathers of the head of the family, which indicates his high rank.



As for the four worriers, common people who command in their houses, integrate the leading committee of the ayllu or reservations where they live, apart from the huincas or foreigners: us, Chileans. They do not consider Chileans themselves. They are people of the land or Mapuche.


Above them all, their exists the King or Toqui, who has the power, supervises the accomplishment of their their own laws and is respected and obeyed.



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